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Meet The Owner

Through Red Onion and its curated retail experience, Brenda has been influencing home and garden decor for over 20 years in Baton Rouge. She has a genuine desire to help those around her and will gladly have fun doing it. While getting to this point as a business wasn't easy, Brenda has always been one to endure and build what she loves. Because of that many people have gone to Red Onion to help make their moment special; whether it be buying the perfect gift, having the best florals for a wedding, or decorating for the next house party.

Our First Home

Red Onion's first location was a vacant building that sits on a 9 acres owned by Ralph Helms who also owns Gulf Coast Plantsman. Though it made for a slower start for Red Onion the location was a must have. The property feels almost fictional and lively with beautiful plants and wildlife freely roaming like hare and birds. Alongside the Red Onion's building is a 30 year old green house where Ralph sells eclectic greenery. With so much botanical knowledge and a love for the "out-of-the ordinary", Ralph and Brenda compliment each other well.

Red Onion Perkins

15680 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 753-5448
Monday-Friday, 10AM - 5PM
Saturday, 10AM - 4PM
Sunday, 12PM - 4PM

Red Onion Lobdell

1680 Lobdell Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 771-8771
Monday-Friday, 10AM - 5PM
Saturday, 10AM - 4PM
Sunday, Closed
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